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Two Things I’ve Learned Writing A Novel

“To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.” ― Michael Jordan

Now that I’m almost finished with my second novel, I can admit there are two thing I ‘ve learned during the journey; write the first draft, and nothing is perfect.

Maybe its just me, but these were, and still are, the most challenging aspects of writing – be it novel, story, or otherwise.

Why so hard, you ask? Doesn’t every book have a first draft? – And shouldn’t an author wait until their MS is perfect, before sending it out to an agent/publisher, or self-publishing? more . .  .


About SSpjut

A writer, a blogger and uncensored dreamer. I am laying claim to my dreams and exploring all the possibilities of where they want to take me. My passions are writing, writing and writing (throw in a cheesecake and Starbucks Breve' and were good to go). My current focus is Fantasy, Mystery and intimacy with God. Not necessarily in that order. I love going where no Shawn has gone before and then sharing the journey.

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