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Leonid_Pasternak_-_The_Passion_of_creationCharacter Arch’s & What Do We Do About Them?
by SSpjut

I recently came across an article by Kyoko M entitled. Things The Dresden Files Taught Me About Writing. Well, being the Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden fan I am, I hopped over and read it. The gist of M’s post has to do with why Butcher’s ‘Dresden’ character is so likable – and I whole heartedly agree. Harry Dresden is your average ‘Joe’ who just happens to be a wizard and has as many hang ups as everyone else. Quite literally, the guy next door.

But here’s where I want to add my two cents worth – its the arch of Butcher’s character development that really does it for me. That and the fact Harry’s down hill slide into the dark arts isn’t because he chooses evil over good, its because he’s determined to do whatever it takes to save those he cares about – even if it means he pays the price. And lets face it, Harry always pays the price. (read more)


About SSpjut

A writer, a blogger and uncensored dreamer. I am laying claim to my dreams and exploring all the possibilities of where they want to take me. My passions are writing, writing and writing (throw in a cheesecake and Starbucks Breve' and were good to go). My current focus is Fantasy, Mystery and intimacy with God. Not necessarily in that order. I love going where no Shawn has gone before and then sharing the journey.

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