Mark of Shamash  Cover new 1SSpjut’s ‘Mark of Shamash’ (Book One Keys of Destiny)

“Very often the very ones who hate us, are the ones destined to save us.”

Serac, a seer in the Temple of the Sun-god Shamash, has been marked by the gods to find the Tablets of Destiny and save the Anunnaki  from one of their own. Yet before he can do that, he must help a man who has sworn to kill him, stop a sorcerer from summoning a demon from the Abyss. One powerful enough to destroy the world.

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gimp the gathering book cover 2Keri Westin’s ‘The Gathering (Book One The Remnant)

Seattle – ‘City of Demons’ and home to vampires, werewolves, wizards and humans alike. In other words, some of the most dangerous predators in the world, living in the same city, competing for the hottest commodity in town—food, be it human or otherwise. Which is why Spider, leader of the Damphirs, has decided its time for he and his people get out of town – dead or alive.

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