The Gathering

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Post-Apocalyptic Seattle

Once called the jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is now become the ‘City of Demons—home to vampires, werewolves, wizards and humans alike. In other words, some of the most dangerous predators in the world, living in the same city, competing for the hottest commodity in town—food, be it human or otherwise.


Which is why Spider, leader of the Damphirs, has decided its time for he and his people to leave. But on the eve of their departure, a creature far more deadly than even Damphirs, kidnaps one of Spider’s people, and his only hope of getting the boy back alive, is a reaver named Gloriach — a Rodannian assassin and sworn enemy. Attacked by wizards, chased by a revenant, these two, with the help of an angry Watcher, will have to hunt down a creature that is impossible to find.


Meanwhile, Spider’s mate Aryan, and his lieutenants Fendar and Pedal, have been sent to the monastery on Vashon Island to trade for as much insulin as the monks are willing to part with. The only problem is, to reach the island they have to row through pirate infested waters. Wounded by a sentient arrow carrying a virus capable of destroying the supernaturals, Aryan’s life is placed into the hands of blind savant monks, while Leliel, an angel Pedal has sworn to kill, must sacrifice his own life, in order to keep she and her friends, from being buried alive.

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Copy Right 2014; Keri Westin; All rights reserved.


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